Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Embracing Two

The twos are getting a little more terrible with Noah. His cheeks are pretty rosy because they are chapped from all the snot he rubs on them. He has a nearly limitless supply of snot because of the cold he had last week and the crying he has been doing lately. A good bit of the crying is over a refusal to put poop in the potty, though he is still doing well with avoiding accidents.

This morning was a good example. He didn't want to get up for Amanda. He did get up for me and went potty, though reluctantly (dry diaper though!). He went downstairs, but just wanted fruit for breakfast. When Amanda told him that he had to have something else with it he freaked out. He ended up in the corner of his room where the crib used to be and just kept screaming.

The good news is that this seems more like a phase than a personality trait. Overall, he is an extremely sweet little boy. Plus, he looks great now that Amanda cut his hair yesterday. He's still two though. Someday we will miss this age.