Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Long Night

We had a very long night last night.  It started around 11:00 when I went in to see why Noah was crying.  I found him sitting in a puddle of puke.  We got him cleaned up and I put his bedding in the laundry to wash.  We brought him to our bed, but then he threw up in in our bed too.  That of course led to more laundry.

Amanda decided to snuggle with him in his room.  He threw up at least twice more before 1:00 AM and I got involved most of those times too.  Again, more laundry.  Amanda came to bed at 3:00 exhausted because she had not slept at all.

To top it all off, I responded to a poopy diaper at around 5:30.  It's good that he doesn't like to be poopy and in fact encourages me that perhaps Pull-Ups will work for him, but that's something we need to discuss.  At any rate, we had the usual battle for him to pee first-thing in the morning and then I put him back down.  Shortly thereafter he had more dry heaves.

I really hope that he and Amanda can sleep in a little bit.  It's 7:21 and Lily is still in bed as far as I know.  I'm taking today off so we can all recover as a family.

Good times, good times.  This too shall pass.