Saturday, February 20, 2010

Child Intensive

Amanda is away at a short retreat with some ladies from church, so it is just the kids and me this weekend.  She left around lunchtime yesterday.  We got off to a little bit of a rough start because Noah didn't nap at all.  I still let him hang out in his room for a couple of hours though.  Once Lily came home we went out to dinner at Five Guys and then visited a friend for his annual Christmas Tree and miscellaneous brush bonfire.  Noah was all excited about it, but got a little scared when the flames were a good 12-15 feet up.  He still had a good time.

This morning was a bit rushed.  I met with two classmates on our directed study course.  I had a breakfast casserole prepared and we had a good time of discussion and fellowship.  I didn't take Lily to dance class because today was a belated Valentine's dance.  I couldn't very well be her partner with Noah around.  Plus, a crew from HGTV was filming this lesson because one of her classmates' has a house that is being featured by them somehow.  It was a lot easier not to go.

The rest of the day was spent breaking down the crib, loading it up for Eric and Nat, and watching Noah cry on the potty.  I've been trying to coax another poop out of him today and so far it hasn't been pretty.  Hopefully he'll go after his nap or at least stay clean through church this afternoon.

Overall, things have been good.  The kids were great while we were meeting.  Then again, Caillou videos will do that.