Sunday, December 27, 2009

After Christmas

I apologize for not posting lately. Wednesday morning is my usual morning off because of my small group meeting early in the morning. The Pierces arrived on Wednesday and we've been pretty busy since then with all of the Christmas festivities.

Lily was very happy with her primary gifts. She got the Target version of an American Girl doll and loves it. She also got some faux Barbie dolls and is enjoying them. I got her a copy of LEGO Indiana Jones and we played that some yesterday. Overall, she's been very happy.

Noah's highlight has to be the hockey stick that Uncle Eric and Aunt Nat got him. The only problem is that the rubber blade is curved for a righty, so we've had to keep working with him on that. I figure that it's a new motion, so we can train him. He also loves the assortment of 3 mini NCAA balls (basketball, football, and soccer ball). He's a happy little guy.

I think it may be time to reinforce an important point to Lily. It's easy to get caught up in the new stuff and forget that we exchange gifts because Jesus was the best gift ever.

By the way, this blog is likely to be quiet this week as Amanda is taking the kids to Florida to stay with Grandpa and Nana for the week. They will see Amanda's grandmother and uncle and aunt as well. They also will see an uncle and aunt from Melanie's side. They will keep busy, but it is likely to be a long trip down I-95 today. I doubt I'll have much to report on, but I may upload some pics during the week.