Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teacher Conference

Amanda had the spring conference with Ms. Snoots yesterday. Lily is performing above average in all categories, which is great. We found out that the reason she got in trouble lately was not because she was talking, but that she was talking too loudly. She was allowed to talk at the table, but she got too loud. I guess that's not so bad then. She comes from some loud stock, after all (on both sides, both near and far genetically).

We got a new project for her at home. She got a deck of about 72 "sight words." These are flash cards that she is supposed to be able to identify on sight. Amanda went through them yesterday and found that she already knows about 36 of them. She only got 17 when Ms. Snoots went through them with her. The problem is that she defaults to, "I don't know" without thinking too much about it. We're working on it.

My plan is to go through the sight cards at least daily. I have found that going through my Hebrew and Greek flash cards regularly has helped tremendously in learning vocabulary. The good news for Lily is that she is at that prime learning age where she should learn most of these in a week or two. I think we are close to having another reader in the house.