Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting Our Kicks

The kids were particularly difficult yesterday, so I took them out after dinner. I had a couple of errands to run that I didn't think would be particularly fun for them. After all, I was not about to take them bowling after misbehaving during the day.

First, we went to Rapid Refill Ink. The black toner cartridge I got from them had a problem with the fuser that was smudging all our printouts. They were gracious about giving me a new one, which I appreciated. The kids did pretty well there, for the most part.

After that, we went to REI because I wanted to look at some sandals. Amanda has made it clear that my Birkenstock-style Bass sandals have seen their day with regards to fashion, and she won't be seen with me wearing my toe shoes. One of the younger men at our church really likes his Chacos sandals, so I figured I'd try some on and then buy them at Amazon. It turns out that REI had them on sale, so I got a good deal.

Meanwhile, the kids really wanted to try on some toe shoes. Amanda is currently the lone dissenter in the house with respect to toe shoes. The salesman was very gracious in finding them in the kids' sizes. The kids thought that they were great, but I am not about to spend $60/pair on shoes for kids. I'm sure that plenty of folks do, but we are not that crunchy.

It's nice that the kids ended up enjoying themselves. That was not necessarily my goal, but it worked out well. And Amanda was really grateful for the quiet.