Monday, July 9, 2012


It's been an interesting week here. Amanda took the kids to the beach to visit with an old friend of hers from Florida. Oreo and I were alone for a few days and then on Friday we got an 11 year-old corgi named Piper to dogsit for a week. He is a great dog, but he is not too fond of Oreo. He is perhaps too patient with Oreo's overtures for play. He really needs to snap at him once to get his attention, but he won't do that.

One thing Piper loves to do is play ball and tug-o-war. He has a rubber ball that is a mesh he can grab very easily. He may not be a jumper, but he is certainly a puller. He gets pretty animated during this game and does a lot growling, which is fine. The problem is that Oreo gets scared and responds by barking in his ear. He doesn't seem to mind that too much either, but I certainly do.

At any rate, the visit is going well overall. He is a very mellow dog, which stands in sharp contrast with our little furball. Oreo is pretty mellow for a puppy, but he's definitely more energetic than the old man of the house. Hopefully he will learn to relax around Piper. Right now it reminds me of when Lily would spend the night at Brenna's house and Brenna would keep her up all night (not that Lily really minded).