Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mixing It Up

It has been a busy few days at the Chamberlain household. Noah's birthday was a whirlwind. The day after was too with a party for Lily's ballet studio. Saturday was a day full of errands and Sunday was busy with a church picnic. Lily and I left the picnic early to take Oreo to his obedience classes. We have made it through 2 of 6 weeks and so far he is doing well. It probably helps that he is a little bit older than the other puppies too.

Yesterday was a big day for us because our refurbished Vitamix blender arrived. I used it to make pina coladas yesterday. Just to make it a bit more special, I drank mine out of the pineapple I used to make the drinks. This is a serious blender and I look forward to making more stuff in it. I think it is going to make some lovely hummus.

We're enjoying a little bit of relief from summer today. When I took Oreo out for his final walk last night it was oppressively hot and muggy. By this morning all the humidity had left and it was a pleasant 68. But when it does get hot again I am sure that we will be using the Vitamix to whip up some tasty frozen concoctions. I figure you've got to make the best of the heat.