Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Small Milestone

A great thing happened this morning/last night, depending on how you view 4:30 AM. I was contemplating getting out of bed and starting my day when I heard one of the kids' doors open. I figured it was probably Lily, but I didn't want to stir lest we get into a conversation and wake up Amanda. Then I noticed that the light in the bathroom came on and I heard the distinctive sound of Noah, not Lily using the bathroom. The light went off and on a few times, which I'm not sure was due to playing with it or concern for making too much light.

It was very cute to see him go back to his room, close the door, and lay back down. Anyone who has been through potty training should be able to appreciate this story. It was not very long ago that this would have involved screaming, me leaping out of bed, and Noah being very disoriented as we hope for him not to spray down the walls.

This is one of those little things in life that you've got to take a moment to enjoy. The Pook is turning into a big boy!