Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Camping

We had planned on camping this weekend to celebrate Lily's birthday. We thought that yesterday was going to be a teacher's workday, so I was going to take yesterday off. Noah doesn't have school on Friday. It all seemed perfect.

We had to change our plans. It turns out that Lily had school yesterday. It also turns out that we have had terrible camping weather. Since Thursday it has been so humid you could practically cut the air with a knife. I took a little walk up our street at around 6:30 this morning and the fog made the street lights shining through the trees look quite eerie. Everything is warm and damp. It has not been very hot, but it has been rainy and muggy.

We have made the best of it though. I took Lily out for her free Red Robin burger on Thursday and we went shopping to spend some of her gift cards. Then last night Brenna came over to spend the night. They actually got quiet when they were supposed to, which is a huge win for us. Once everyone gets up we're going to have some pancakes. Hopefully today will be a relatively quiet one where we can relax.