Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sew Nice

We had a mellow day on Wednesday, which was just fine after all the excitement of the beach on Monday and our adventures on Tuesday. Grandpa and I took the kids to the park to ride their bikes, but they quickly grew more interested in the game of catch we had going on. We went back to the house to find Amanda and her mom working on some sewing projects. Amanda bought some pants at Goodwill and turned them into either shorts or capris. Since her mom has some pretty good seamstress skills Amanda learned how to do this for herself. They got it done and had good results.

The neat thing is that Lily really got into using the sewing machine. Nana had some scraps of fabric and let Lily sew some lines on them. She made a loop of fabric and has enjoyed playing with that. There was something about the process that really intrigued her. Perhaps it's one more thing for her to add to her list of career aspirations.

The highlight of the day for me was getting ice cream at a the Ice Cream Doctor. The guy who served our ice cream seemed to be in his 50s and was maybe a touch faded from his use of pharmaceuticals over the years. When he saw Jack he immediately said, "Gregory Peck!" Jack was flattered, but not as much when he saw how hard a time this guy had with keeping our orders straight.

Thursday we went back to the beach. That took up most of the day. The great thing about that particular Gulf of Mexico beach is that even when the tide is in Lily can walk about over 100 yards and the water is still no higher than her chest. It's nice not to have to worry much about the kids.