Friday, April 8, 2011

Day Out

Noah had himself a very busy day yesterday. The weather was postcard beautiful, so that meant the usual playtime after preschool with his friends at Bond Park. He and Amanda got home around 3:00 or 3:30. After I got Lily from the bus she learned her spelling words and vacuumed the living room. This caused a little consternation because she was muttering under her breath in imitation of Amanda telling her that she was missing spots. Her excuse for missing spots was that she "is not a professional."

We needed groceries anyway, so I took the kids out to Sam's for groceries and a very salty dinner. Lily and Noah both managed to eat one of the Nathan's 1/4 lb hot dogs. I had a slice of pizza. We all split a pretzel and a Fanta orange drink. Lily liked it, but Noah thought it was too sour. He made the funniest face after each sip, but kept coming back for more. In retrospect, I wish I had captured it on video. You'd think he had just sucked on a lemon.

We finished things out by getting milkshakes at Jake's Wayback Burgers. I'm glad that we tried them, but I think that they were overpriced and mediocre compared to what you can get at Cook-Out or Chick-Fil-A. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed them well enough and I think we can declare the evening a success.

Note - blogging will likely resume its old daily schedule after May 13. That's the day I'm supposed to graduate. Until then, it's a little busy here.