Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brave Girl

We've had a nice visit so far here in Florida with Grandpa and Nana. We arrived on Saturday at around 7:30, visited for a bit, then went to bed. Sunday we had church and then a visit with an Aunt and Uncle. They have a pool, which was a big benefit for Lily. They also have a water slide.

A few years ago, I made Lily "madder than a hornet" (per Uncle Art) when I splashed her from the water slide. She thought she was safely out of harm's way, but I got her. This time she became more bold in the pool. She managed to swim back and forth in the deep end. The pool is not that big, but it's big enough to have scared her in the past.

The biggest thing was her going off of the slide. She was of course terrified at first, but Amanda paid her off with a quarter. Once she got the hang of it she started to really enjoy it. This is a big deal for her as she had to overcome some terror to do it.

Meanwhile, Noah had a bad experience. He slipped on the steps and fell sideways into the pool. After that he was traumatized and would not really get into the pool. He is going to get some lessons this summer which should help. Lily is also ready for one last set of lessons so she can learn strokes. It's pretty exciting to see this progress with her.