Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Surprises

The hits keep on coming.  First, we enjoyed a nice Christmas day as a family.  We had some chocolate brioche from the dough leftover from my birthday's pecan rolls.  Everyone was happy with their gifts.  Then we went over to the McKenzies' and enjoyed a lovely dinner and time with family.  But as we came home the weather was starting to turn.

We managed to try out Noah's stomp rocket in the light drizzle.  By the time the kids went to bed it had started to lightly snow.  By the time we got up this morning we probably had about 4 inches of snow and by the time it finished we had around 6.  This was not ideal packing snow, but pretty good and we used it to build a snowman (woman - we used Amanda's pink hat).  The kids got cold after a while, so we retired to the house.  The snow was a lovely surprise to Noah in particular as he doesn't really get it when we talk about the weather.

Meanwhile, Lily had another wiggly tooth.  Shortly after going to bed she came down to announce that it too had come out.  She has permanent teeth for her front 4 incisors, but the two on either side of the bottom front two are now missing.  Maybe one of these days she will be able to bit directly into something.  The poor tooth fairy is working overtime these days.