Saturday, December 4, 2010

Changed Plans

Today has been a weird one.  Last night Amanda and I met friends for dinner.  However, because of job schedules we had to meet them pretty late, which got us to bed later than usual.  Then I got up and drove to Wendell for our biweekly church planting meeting.  I got back home around 9:30, exercised, played with Noah, then took a little nap before lunch.  After lunch Amanda took a little nap and I got a few things done before going to church.

The plan was for a babysitting swap this weekend.  Tiffany watched our kids last night and we were going to keep Brenna tonight.  Unfortunately, Brenna got sick at church and then on the way home as well.  So we ended up having a Saturday as a family.  Although Lily was sad to see Brenna go she was glad to eat some chocolate chip cookies I made.  They came out pretty good, if I do say so.

The other weird thing today was the snow.  We got 1-2 inches of heavy, wet snow that has made all the trees look really pretty.  Fortunately, the roads were too warm for it to stick, but it is wet and damp out.  Running tomorrow morning should be interesting.