Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Prep

Today was a fairly significant day in our Christmas preparations because we got around to icing our sugar cookies.  Amanda made a bunch with Lily on Thursday and we iced them today.  We tried a new technique with very thin icing poured over them.  This makes for much prettier cookies, though the icing isn't quite as tasty as true buttercream icing.  We also made our annual sheet of peppermint bark.

I served at the bookstore this evening and Amanda had to babysit, so the kids got to spend the second service in an area called "intersection."  They don't get a class there, but just hang out and play games.  They also get fed some dinner.  Apparently Lily was quite nervous about going because she's "not used to it."  That's my girl right there as I was just like that (and still am to a degree now, but much higher-functioning).  Noah freaked out when they brought him over, but I was told that reading a book settled him down.  As always, when I came to get him he was watching Veggie Tales.

We came home and enjoyed a few cookies before their bedtime.  Tomorrow I plan to take Noah out and finish up my Christmas shopping.  I got close last week, but not quite there.  Hopefully the weather will hold.  We've had a lot of nasty "wintry mix" lately.