Monday, September 6, 2010

Shouldering the Load

Noah and I were very close yesterday in a very literal sense.  As a family we went to Eno River State Park for a little hiking.  It was a beautiful morning with clear skies and low humidity.  Noah is of course not quite ready for much hiking, so he rode on my shoulders.  He also rode on Amanda's for a little bit as well.  What's funny is that after we climbed the hill back to the parking lot Noah said that he needed a drink  Why was he thirsty?

Later in the evening I picked up Grandpa Jack and we took the kids to the Bulls' game.  Noah just wanted to play the games in the kids' area they have set up, but I explained to him that he's not quite ready yet.  It would have been a waste of money.  Then he said that he wanted me to put him down so he could go back to the car.  Basically, he just wanted to come home and play the Wii.

Our seats were standing room only, but we did find four together in the outfield for the bottom of the sixth inning.  We sat there through the rest of the game, which was a minor miracle given how Noah was acting.  The exciting part came in the bottom of the eighth when the Bulls rallied for three runs to take the lead 6-5.  The highlight of that was a two-run triple that should have been a one-run single were it not for the center fielder getting a little too aggressive.  Lily actually seemed to follow the game a little better thanks to playing Wii baseball.

After carrying Noah around the state park and the DBAP my shoulders are a little tired today.  But frankly I wouldn't have it any other way.