Friday, September 24, 2010


As longtime readers of this blog know, we have had some pretty epic battles with Lily.  Overall, Lily is an extremely sweet girl.  She often demonstrates compassion that surprises us and moves us.  Those who interact with her often describe her with words like "sweet" and "wonderful."

But there is also the strong-willed side that we're constantly fighting and have been since 11:06 AM on September 21, 2003.   The latest battle is over her lunch.  She now packs her own lunch because Amanda is tired of bending over backwards to make special things (special bread, various foods) and have Lily spurn them at lunchtime.  Last week I helped her make tuna salad (which she loves) and this week it was chicken salad (which she also loves).  She hasn't eaten them either day she packed this week and she already said that she doesn't plan on eating them today.

We're not quite sure where to go from here.  She's not getting dessert most nights.  I've already told her that she is not getting any treats this weekend if she doesn't eat her lunch.  One thing I've considered is putting her on a third-world diet of rice and beans for a few days (with vitamin supplements) to help her appreciate how good she has it.  I sort of feel like we're dealing with a finicky cat.

We are sure of one thing -- we've come this far with her and we're not about to back down now.  We don't negotiate with terrorists.

Any good ideas?


The Tree Swing said...

I wish I could do the 3rd world diet with logan , he will actually starve himself. We tried once, he lost 3 pounds and the dr said UH UH.

We've actually seen a show called freaky eaters. This woman ONLY ate french fries 3 times a day, they tested her.

There are two types of people, non tasters ( will eat anything, this is ava and ryan without effect) Then there is tasters( they taste EVERYTHING and its intense ) then this one lady was off the chart,something they had never seen and I think this is what Logan is experiencing, sigh

At least you dont have to make pbj's EVERYDAY for the last 3 yrs,lol