Sunday, September 19, 2010


I apologize for the long hiatus from blogging, but we were camping over the weekend.  Add to that I've been kind of busy with work and you have the ingredients for a long spell of radio silence.

The camping trip was in lieu of a party for Lily's birthday.  She will turn 7 on Tuesday the 21st, Lord willing.  In year's past we've had increasingly complex parties.  Last year Amanda swore that there would be no party, but we did take a few close friends to play miniature golf.  This year we went camping at Jordan Lake with the McKenzies.

We had nice spots right by the lake, which was fun for the kids.  Amanda took them down to the lake a couple of times to play in the sand/mud.  We also took them swimming yesterday afternoon.  We thoroughly enjoyed being by the lake.

Amanda made the weekend special for Lily by getting several little surprises at the dollar store.  The first night they played with squirt guns.  Last night they had glow sticks with butterflies on the ends to be fairy wands (Noah got a glowing ball).  Lily also got a butterfly net and keeper for our walk in the woods.  She is still sporting her butterfly tattoo as well.

Of course, any time you keep Lily and Brenna together for an extended period (read: more than 5 minutes) of time there will be drama coming from both directions.  Nevertheless, I think a good time was generally had by all.  Brenna slept with us in tentasaurus and things went much better the second night than the first.  Noah had a lot of fun peeing in the woods.  I enjoyed eating cherry hobo pies for dessert last night.

We got Lily to say that it was as good as having a party, so I don't think we can beat that.