Sunday, January 24, 2010

Furniture Moving

We had some big changes yesterday.  I took Lily's single bed apart and moved the pieces up to the attic.  She got the queen bed that was in Noah's room along with the nightstand.  The dresser will follow once we get up the gumption for that.

Meanwhile, Noah got his bunk beds set up.  Amanda was extremely helpful in getting this put together as the top bunk was still assembled from when we bought it on craigslist.  Lily helped too.

Noah slept great in it for both naptime and all night last night.  He was very resistant at naptime, but not so much at bedtime.  We were a little worried that he would be running around his room all night, but that didn't happen.  In fact, he seemed to get quiet more quickly in his new bed than he does in his crib.

Lily loves playing up on the top bunk.  She even was able to almost read the sticker that says the top bunk is not for children under 6.  It's not a problem for Noah now because he is afraid to climb more than one or two rungs on the side.  I suspect the day is coming when we'll hear him crying up there because he got himself stuck.  I'm pretty confident that with the rails he will not fall off the side though.