Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend here for me. Amanda has had a persistent cough that started last Monday, so Friday afternoon I took her to the urgent care. The doctor prescribed some cough syrup with codeine and gave us a script for amoxycilin that we could fill if she didn't get better. She wasn't much better on Sunday, so I filled it and now she is on the mend.

I started Saturday with a treat. Noah and I went into Raleigh to get some of the new dark chocolate Krispy Kremes. Later, he and I ran some errands and then came home and played some basketball in the street. It's a shame that the goal in our neighborhood is at 10 feet because he desperately wants to shoot. Nevertheless, he enjoys dribbling, passing, and playing defense.

Sunday I took the kids to church and then out to lunch at Jersey Mike's. I probably wouldn't ever go to Jersey Mike's except that the Cary restaurants have free kids meals on Sundays with adult purchase. Of course, the kids had a great time and the highlight for Noah was seeing a basketball teammate and one of his coaches. We chilled out at home for a couple of hours and then went to our home fellowship.

Yesterday was fairly uneventful except that we are making a conscious decision to put Noah to bed early on Mondays. He gets to bed late on Sundays because of home fellowship and now is late on Tuesdays because of basketball. It isn't pretty in the morning when he doesn't get enough sleep. Lily worked on her probe, which is like a mini research paper. She does them in Microsoft Publisher rather than drawing and decorating pages in her notebook. Mom is very proud.