Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Play Dates

Yesterday was a busy end to 2012. For me it started with a run and then a visit from a friend to move some furniture. He took our old futon and we moved the couch from Lily's room down to the basement. Lily now has Amanda's old desk in her room and she is very excited about it. She is to the age where she wants her own workspace. She's still girly enough where she wants a pink desk lamp though.

After lunch Lily's friends Grace and Lauren came over for a playdate. Meanwhile, Noah went over to his friend Luka's house. Luka lives within walking distance, so it was pretty easy. (In case you're wondering, Luka's bedroom is indeed on the second floor.) He didn't stay there too long, but they did have some fun together. Apparently Luka has some toy that Noah decided to spend his allowance on. Amanda ordered it off of Amazon and now Noah is learning about anticipating a package.

Lily had a lot of fun with her friends. Amanda made them some tea, which they enjoyed with sugar cookies. The three of them are a great group and they actually all get along really well. They don't seem to run into the problems you can have with three people where two pair off.

I got some beef stroganoff going for dinner and then took Lily and Noah on a couple of errands. We went to Pet Supermarket to get two special treats for Oreo's birthday tomorrow. Then we went to Target and I got Lily a three-shelf bookcase so she can clean up her room a bit. When I said, "I haven't decided if I'm going to put this together tonight or tomorrow," Lily quickly responded, "Tonight." I put it together for her and she started moving her library on to it.

Luka and his family were going to the Raleigh acorn drop last night. Noah didn't understand why we weren't going. I suppose I will give in one of these years. Perhaps if we can find other people to go with. I am not wild about staying up until midnight anyway, but I'm really not excited about doing it with thousands of other people out in the cold.

It was a good way to end 2012. 2013 seems to be starting well, but it is not quite 8 hours old.