Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yesterday was a day with lots of movies. Amanda took the kids to the cheap theater to see "Marmaduke." Obviously this was not great cinema, but everyone enjoyed it. Amanda even found some things to laugh at, which is good for a kids' movie. Apparently there is a scene near the end where Marmaduke passes gas in the bed. Noah thought that was hilarious. I suspect that potty humor is just around the corner.

After dinner I took the kids out for some errands while Amanda went to another movie with her sisters. This one was a bit more sophisticated. Amanda had read the book and said that the movie was pretty good. Ironically, we did not do any fireworks on the 4th because we wanted to avoid crowds, but Amanda got caught in traffic near the fairgrounds while there was a fireworks show.

The kids and I went to Staples to retrieve my bound thesis. I'm happy to have it bound in book form, even if it was not done exactly how I had hoped. Then we went to Sam's to get some essentials and stopped at Neomonde for pita on the way back from Sam's. We had some excitement coming out of Staples as we got caught in a brief downpour. Unfortunately, these storms came out of the east and brought in some smoke from the eastern NC wildfires. We'll get to enjoy that today.