Sunday, July 3, 2011

Complete Game

We went to last night's Durham Bulls game as a family. This was how we were going to take in fireworks this year as they had a show after the game that lasted maybe 10 minutes. It certainly beat trying to get out of Regency in Cary. Noah still does not like fireworks very well though. Amanda gave him earplugs, but he still cried weakly through the show. Perhaps one factor was that the show started at around 9:45, which is about 2 hours later than he is usually in bed.

The highlight of the evening for me is that Lily and I kept score. she seemed really interested this time, so we did it together. I kept one scoresheet and she kept the other. We just used the scorecard in the programs, but that was enough to get started. I filled in the names, but Lily filled in everything else.

She started to run out of gas around the 8th inning, but she plugged away at it. As you can see (you will have to download it), not much happened offensively after the first couple of innings. This was a good first try for her. We'll work on being more specific on outs later (i.e. 3/g instead of just 3 to indicate a grounder that the first baseman fielded unassisted) and by the time she's a teenager we will be ready to track pitch counts. But this is a great start for her.

When I put her to bed she asked if she would be able to remember how to keep score after she's married. She will if I have anything to say about it. Of course, Noah's days are coming too, but it will take a few years. For right now, this is a daddy-daughter dream come true for me.