Friday, January 28, 2011

Sore Every Night

Noah does not have any long-term ill-effects from the bump on his noggin except when it comes time to sleep. He has not quite got the hang of sleeping on it, which has been a problem. I gave him some Motrin last night just before bed and he made it until a little after 5:00 before screaming out in pain. I had him go potty and gave him more Motrin before going back to bed. That did the trick so well that he had a hard time getting up later. It worked out well for me because I wanted to get up then anyway and was struggling with getting out of bed.

I took today off as my floating holiday that I get for New Year's Day. I got a lot of research done for the extra work my professor wants for me to put into my thesis. The only problem is that my brain is a bit fried. Tonight is the convocation for our spring semester. As the Student Council President I do a welcome and a prayer. I'm going to take Lily as my date. She really likes helping to pass out programs. She also enjoys seeing me get up front and speak. She's got performance in her blood!