Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reading at Home

We've got a lot of reading going on here now.  Lily is in a book challenge where she is going to try to read 50 books over several weeks.  She got a little slowed down by the weather this week, but books are coming into the library and she is getting them done.  These are not long books either.  She just has to read them and fill out a very short report on what she read.  She also has to take a test on them at school, but it is multiple-choice with only three choices for each of the 10 questions.  She was initially quite worried about those tests, but once she saw them she was fine.  Watching her makes me realize how ridiculous I can be with a new situation.

Meanwhile, Noah and I were playing with his alphabet puzzle the other day and he surprised me.  I mixed up the letters and tried to think of words that started with each letter so he could find them.  I asked him, "What does mommy start with?"  He didn't get the M, but when he saw the D he said, "D for daddy!"  Then later he got distracted by the "R" and said, "R for Ruby!"  Lily has a friend from dance named Ruby, so that's how he knows that name.  The point is that he is starting to get it.  He also likes playing with the word puzzles and does not get frustrated too quickly.  I think he is going to be a reader.