Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday was a big day for Lily.  Everyone visited at Aunt Tiff's pool at lunchtime and they got home in the late afternoon.  We ate a fairly quick dinner and then went to the local pet store.  Lily picked out a 1/2 gallon bowl, a little sunken castle, some gold/pearl fake stones, and a beautiful blue and turquoise betta fish.  Of course, being such a beautiful fish it is actually a male, but Lily has decided to give him a girl's name.  I don't think he'll mind too much.

My fear now is that we will mess something up and he will die before his time.  However, I understand that they're pretty tough little fish.  Let's hope that Lily enjoys a couple of years with him (her).


Jen said...

Just a heads up but I am sure you already know, Beta sometimes jump out of their bowls and the results can be ugly...also, my sister Laura was about Lily's age when she and freind thought they might try to pet the fish...also pretty ugly end.

Jason said...

I knew about the jumping, so we have a little headspace in the bowl. I hadn't considered petting though, which I probably should have in retrospect. I found her trying to shine a flashlight in the bowl last night. Who knows what will seem like a good idea? We'll talk about no touching tonight.

Thanks for the tip!