Monday, July 19, 2010


We added a new member to our family yesterday.  We bought a Wii off of craigslist.  Our old DVD player is dying, so I got a Wii.  Some of you may wonder why I got a device that does not play DVDs to replace our DVD player.  It can, if you do some research and don't mind a little technical elbow grease.  I never had to crack it open or anything and we enjoyed a movie last night.  Meanwhile, the kids can't get enough bowling on the Wii.  It's a little frustrating that Noah can't quite do it himself, but he will get there.

The other exciting thing is that Lily finished reading her Beginner's Bible. Per Amanda's agreement with her, Lily can now get a fish.  We are going to do that tomorrow because Lily and I are going to the Bulls game tonight.  I'm looking forward to seeing the Columbus Clippers as it's always fun to check out the Indians' farmhands.  Anyhow, we should be able to get out of the pet store for under $20 with a female betta fish.


The Tree Swing said...

if you let know netflix know you have a wii, they will send you a free netflix cd as to where you can access your netflix que and other movies directly thru the wii to you

this is an awesome thing when it comes to kids programs that arent on anymore and TONS OF veggie tales movies !!

the wii is great, it will get you moving. we have several games, just dance is great, very physical, we also have some shooting games like crazy chicken for the kids and of course wii sports !