Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

As we were preparing to celebrate Resurrection Sunday yesterday Lily started talking about how she had a surprise planned for us this morning. All we knew was that she was going to make some breakfast, but we didn't know anything else. After the kids found their baskets Lily asked that we all stay upstairs until she "rang the bell" (which ended up being a wooden spoon in a saucepan).

We came down to an appropriate Easter song playing on the laptop. Lily made pancakes, but she made the chocolate chips spell out "He is alive." She had the table set and everything out for us. Really it was a very good job.

The next step in her breakfast education is to teach her how to make bacon. As a great lover of the salted meat she is very excited about this prospect. After that Amanda is going to teach her how to make her signature scones. 

The weather today is rainy and cool, so it is not good for any egg hunts outside. Since we don't get back from church until around 1:00 and since that is when the Burns family goes down for Sunday naps, we are going to have a later dinner today. The plan is ham and various fixin's. The good news is that Lily and I will have egg salad for lunch today with our decorated pagan fertility symbols...I mean Easter eggs.