Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pomp and Circumstance

Today is Noah's last day of preschool. It's strange to consider, but it's really his last day ever. He is going to be a kindergartener next year. The good news is that he has made a couple of really good friends that he still sees often. Amanda is going in for the party today. As a gift for the teachers she spray-painted two clay pots white and then pasted photos of the kids on them. Another mom is providing the plants for the pots. They figure that these will be nice remembrances for the teachers.

After school there is a party at Bond Park, which is basically across the street from the school. This should be fun, but it's a good thing that Noah's bath night was deferred from last night to tonight. We're supposed to be in the low 90s today, which is fitting for this time of year. I'm sure that he will have a lot of sweaty fun with his compadres from preschool.

And so begins the summer. Lily only has 2 more weeks as well. The good news is that we have several fun trips planned, plus there is always the free bowling.