Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Old Ballgame

I took Tuesday off so we could go to the exhibition game between the Indians and the Carolina Mudcats. This was also kind of Amanda's spring break break. I made some waffles for the kids and brought them to Amanda in bed, which she enjoyed. The kids and I played some video games, ran some errands, and hit the road while picking up Uncle Bill on the way.

Noah did not appreciate how the Mudcats produce their games. First, they set off fireworks during the "bombs bursting in air" part of the national anthem. That caught him by surprise and he cried through the rest of the anthem. Then the Indians' second batter hit the first pitch he saw out of the park. More fireworks. More crying. After that Noah was nervous every time the batter made contact. He got over it though and we learned to cover his ears when there was a home run (there were 3 total).

After the game we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner. Tuesday is kids' day at CFA and that meant face painting. Lily got a butterfly and Noah got an "M" for Mario. The M isn't quite right, but he didn't care.

Afterwards we went to Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt. Part of me feels like a bit of a turncoat because I never go to Goodberry's anymore, but I just really like these frozen yogurt places. We had some excellent sundaes, took Uncle Bill home, and called it a night.

We couldn't really ask for a nicer day than this. The weather was beautiful. Lily ate popcorn. I ate some fresh-roasted peanuts (this puts the Mudcats experience pretty high in my book). The kids sat through the whole game. The Indians actually hit the ball, but they were facing AAA or A pitchers. Nevertheless, a splendid time was had by all.