Monday, May 2, 2011

A Better Time

We went back to Treasuring Christ Church and heard a convicting and challenging sermon, which was good. We enjoyed the music and fellowship. Noah made some new friends. He was nervous at first, but once he heard that they had balls to play with he was fine.

Lily even went to her class this time. She didn't have as much fun as she did at Hope, but she said it was OK. I suspect that she got more out of it than she would have sitting through the sermon at our church. Her attitude was much more sunny this week.

After church we had a picnic with our friends the Stansberrys. This is the family with whom we are talking about planting our church, so we're looking for ways to spend time together. The kids got along pretty well. Lily managed to attract the attention of some random boy on the playground without really meaning to. Before he and his family left he asked me where Lily was so he could say good-bye to her. That was nice. I don't think she thought a whole lot of him, but at least he was polite.

That stands in stark contrast with her classmate Jorge who once told her, "Be quiet, woman!"