Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hot Stuff

We have recently had something of a home improvement.  You may recall that back in the spring we had a leak in our air conditioner coil and it had to get charged.  Since Uncle Sam has generously offered us a $1500 tax credit for installing a new high-efficiency air conditioner, we decided to do it this year.  We had service people at our house all day Monday, most of the day Tuesday, and part of the day today, but it is done and working.

The beauty of this is that we now have a heat pump with a gas furnace supplement.  This means that we can keep the house warmer than 64 degrees in the winter without spending as much money.  It's still going to be cool at night though.  Given that I grew up in a room over the garage with windows that did not seal well in NE Ohio, that's how I like it when I sleep.  Fortunately, the family has adapted.

The big adaptation has been for Noah to sleep under a comforter.  I convinced him to do this with the carrot that almost always works -- the Wii.  So far, the Wii has been a tremendous discipline tool with him.