Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adopt an Orphan

Our church was blessed to have the Watoto Children's Choir perform this weekend.  As you can see if you follow the link, this is a group of kids from Uganda who tour the US raising money and awareness of what AIDS  has done in Uganda.  From what I can tell, the Watoto model is a good one.  They don't just throw money at the problem, but they actually provide a structure and environment to help these kids.  They get fed, clothed, educated, and, most importantly, they learn about Jesus.

They have a way for you to "adopt" an orphan.  For $35/month you can provide for the needs of one of these orphans.  We do something very similar through World Vision.  I think both are good charities and we certainly don't need the money as much as our orphan does.

The concert was open for all school-age children.  We had Noah in his class, but Lily enjoyed the concert with us.  She got very excited about this adoption business.  We told her that we already supported an orphan, Sophia.  She was confused.  She kept talking about "really" adopting one.

Turns out that she thought we were going to bring a child home with us.  She loved that idea.  Then on the bus we explained that she wouldn't be the oldest sister anymore because these kids are older than her.  She wasn't sure what to make of that idea.  She still wanted to adopt a child.  We explained to her how it works.