Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Trick

My class started an hour late tonight, so I got to eat dinner with the family. Neither Amanda nor I felt much like cooking, so I got the Little Caesar's pizza that the kids expected and really wanted, while Amanda prepared salads for us. Dinner was pleasant and uneventful. I left with a promise from both kids that they would take it easy on their mom since she was feeling tired.

Those turned out to be pie crust promises. Lily was very upset when told that she had to go to bed at 8:15 because she wanted to finish a video. Nevermind that she was already up past her bed time. She freaked out anyway.

But what was really remarkable was what happened earlier. Noah acted up a little bit and Amanda sent him to his room. He was unhappy about this, as could be expected. He decided to slam his door when he went to his room. Lily seemed surprised when Amanda told her that he learned that from her. That's not behavior we want emulated.

It has taken a while, but Noah is starting to give us more trouble than he had previously. He's not terrible by any means, but he's not as easy as he was. I think that we're prepared for it though. Hard knocks and all.